Friday, October 5, 2012

Parallel Training Series

As many of you know, I use two 3D design applications.  Prior to the release of Cubify Invent, I had been using Moment of Inspiration.

Because BOTH of these programs are great choices for 3D printer owners, I want to create tutorials for each one.  But, in this blog, I will primarily be focusing on Cubify Invent.  So, I have created a new blog dedicated to Moment of Inspiration.  It's can be found at...

In addition, I will include direct links to the tutorials from this blog as a "link list" below the links for Cubify Invent tutorials.

This will NOT slow down the tutorials for Cubify Invent.  These are still going forward.  And, I hope that most of you will take the time to learn both products.  They are each unique in substantial ways and very complementary products.

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