Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cubify Invent - Introducing Creating Planes

I can already see that Cubify Invent is one of those programs that is hard to learn; but, easy to use once you grasp the concepts.  I find myself reading the Help file, thinking I am following the steps just as they are written, only to fail.  Then after a few minutes of consternation, it dawns on me what I am missing and then it all looks so simple!

One thing that is completely different about Cubify Invent from my current experience with Moment of Inspiration is Invent's complete reliance on 2D sketches drawn on planes to create 3D features.  So, it dawns on me that I had better figure out how to manipulate planes if I ever want to get anywhere with Cubify Invent.

This tutorial is the result of my first breakthrough in understanding the rudiments of plane creation and how powerful they are in helping us easily control the placement of our features in 3D space and create wonderfully contoured shapes via the Loft tool.  It's very powerful.

Here is our first video on the topic of Plane Creation and the Loft Tool.  I have to apologize for the extraneous sounds.  I need a quieter chair.  And, I'm still working out how to mount the microphone so that it does not pick up vibrations from the mouse, etc.  We'll get there.  But, right now I'm afraid your going to have to listen to my chair squealing.  Just, remember, you'd squeal too if you had someone my size sitting on you!!!  LOL!

The great news is that shortly after creating this video, I FINALLY got the angled plane process to work.  My next video will demonstrate how to create a plane that is angled to the current object... uh...IF I can replicate it 24 hours later!!!  In the meantime, I hope this tutorial was helpful.


  1. Very useful, as always!

    Your technique of sticking to one or two simple operations in each tutorial really works well for me. It lets me keep it all in my head while following along.

    1. Thank you, Mike.

      That is the only way I can learn something like Invent. The total package is SO big that the only real way for me to tackle it is to experiment with each function individually at first.

      I'm happy to hear that it's also helpful for you. :)

  2. You could also create angled cuts through objects by drawing on one of the side view planes.