Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So, THAT'S Why They Include a Manual!

After realizing that low relative humidity might be affecting the effectiveness of the Cube Stick, I contacted some Cube managers to ask for an official specification.

It would be embarrassing to note that they pointed me to the manual, except that I'm guessing I'm not alone in skipping over all those details in the rush to get up and printing.  But, it turns out that the issue of relative humidity IS available to us right in the manual that came with the printer.

Hmmmm.... imagine THAT!  Who would have guessed.  LOL!

Cubify Humidity Range

Here's the rub... you don't want a sustained high humidity if you are using PLA. Fortunately, the fact that the Cube's PLA is in a cartridge helps to protect it.  But, at the same time we need to have the humidity high enough that the CubeStick doesn't dry out prematurely.

While the above specs seem to indicate that we could go as low as 9%, it seems to me that I see some negative affects in long print jobs at 16% that would indicate that it's best to aim higher.  So, I will be aiming at 20%-25% and see if I can see any difference in the duration of the stickiness factor.  I'll ramp up from there if I have too.  My PLA doesn't stick around long enough to become waterlogged.  :)

But, given the above information, I probably will NOT be aiming at the 40%-50% relative humidity mentioned in my previous post.

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