Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Merry Christmas to all New and Previous Cube Owners!

I'm hoping that our ranks increase dramatically on December 25.


We're happy to have you join us and look forward to hearing from you.  That also goes for those times when things don't seem to be going so well.  Working through issues is how we learn the most about our tools and our craft.

Cube Owners

This blog exists to serve all Cube owners... from those that bought the 1st Gen Cube to the newest of the new.

The good news for all 2nd Gen Cube owners is that the printer and software continue to be improved by firmware and software updates.  Each of my 2nd Gen Cubes is a much better printer today than it was when it was first delivered thanks to 3D System's commitment to continually improve the Cube.

Expect continued additions and improvements in the coming year.

Users have also helped to identify those things we can do to make our printing experience more reliable and precise.  For instance, in the coming weeks I will upload a new Cube Print Table Leveling Tool that dramatically helps check that your Cube's print bed is perfectly level and makes the job of bringing it back into level a whole lot easier.

Sense Owners

My excitement about the Sense 3D Scanner remains unabated.  Let me know if you found a Sense under the tree this year.  The combination of the Sense Scanner and Cubify Sculpt is extremely powerful.  For me, the Sense is primarily going to be about saving memories in a whole new way by creating various types of 3D portraits and sculptures.

As I write this, two Cubes are printing frames for some cameo-style portraits that were created with the Sense and Sculpt.  They will be part of a unique gift to friends and family.

As soon as I have thoroughly tested it, I will be uploading a frame that mates a Sense 3D Scanner to a MIMO 7" USB touchscreen monitor.  It makes the task of scanning a LOT easier.  I'll post a video that demonstrates it.

The Coming Year

I've worked for the Justice Department, the military and NIH.  RICO cases, secret aircraft and health systems demand high security.  But, to be honest, I have not found any organization that is able to keep a secret about new products as well as 3D Systems.  I had NO idea the Cube, 2nd Gen Cube or Sense was coming before the public announcement.  So, I have no idea what is in store for us this coming year.

All I know is to expect something good.  And, that CES, in January, is a good time to pay attention.


  1. I posted a fixture to attach a Galaxy S4 to the tripod attachment point on the Sense. Then using one of the remote desk top apps one can see both object and scan at the same time. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:199065
    Only now I'm using a Dell Venue 8 for full portability and have not found it necessary to fasten to the Sense.That may change.

  2. That's a GREAT idea. Thanks for the link!