Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cube Pre-Order Announcement

Let me apologize in advance, because I am WAY behind on this one because the first Cube3 pre-order announcement arrived May 20 in my mailbox.  But, could have been up even earler on the Cubify web site.

Let me also apologize for not being more comprehensive. While I'm improving each day, I'm stll down to a single hand when it comes to typing!

I already knew that they had projected the price of the new Cube3 to be under $1,000.  But, what was new to me were the impressive bundles just announced!  So, let's examine the options.

Cube3 $999

The new Cube3 is selling for consderably less than the 1st and 2nd generation Cubes.  That would be good news on that basis alone.  And, when the larger build area and new 2 color capabilities are factored into the equation, it becomes very good news.  But, when a whole new approach to filament delivery is considered, that promises to do away with some of the earlier feed issues, then the whole price/performance formula makes it extremely good news.

The software gets a performance upgrade as well along with the new ability to print directly from phone apps!

While I have not, as yet, been able to work with the 3rd Generation Cube, I have seen it in action enough to know this printer is faster and the printed output is impressively improved.  Rest assured that I will break out my microscopes to closely examine the quality and accuracy of the prints.  But, I didn't need a microscope to be impressed at what my eyes have seen.  The benefits of 70 micron layers in combination with stellar accuracy is hard to miss, with or without a microscope!

Each 3rd Generation Cube is shipped with TWO cartridges (Neon green & White) and 25 free design files.
Power Pack for Cube Bundle $1,549.

The Power Pack Bundle includes...
  • 3rd Generation Cube with 2 cartridges and 25 free design files 
  • An additional 3 cartridges of your choice of colors
  • Cubify Invent
  • Cubify Sculpt
  • Cubify Mobile App
  • Sense 3D Scanner  

This bundle gives you not one; but, two different types of 3D Design software and the Sense 3D Scanner!  I am a fan of the Sense 3D scanner because I understand and accept the primary applications for which it is designed... which is to quickly be able to scan family and friends for printing on the Cube printer,  To be sure, it is not a professional scanner suitable for reverse engineering alien space craft parts.  But, it also doesn't cost $35,000!

It's designed for fun. And, I and the cadets in my 3D class have had a blast using it.  To me, this bundle is a winner in the price/performance category.

Design Print Pack for Cube Bundle $1,349.

The Design Print Pack Bundle includes...
  • 3rd Generation Cube with 2 cartridges and 25 free design files 
  • An additional 3 cartridges of your choice of colors
  • Cubify Invent
  • Cubify Sculpt
  • Cubify Design
  • Cubify Mobile App

The Sense 3D Scanner is not included with this bundle,  Instead, Cubify Design is added to the mix.

I wish I could be more helpful when it comes to evaluating Cubify Design; but, my lack of experience with it precludes me from offering an opinion.  I hope that readers with Cubify Design experience will post comments filling in that gap.

New Sense Value Pack Bundles

The 3rd Generation Cube is not the only hardware to have the benefit of bundled pricing.  There are two bundles for the Sense 3D scanner,  The Sculpt Sense Pack Bundle is $499.   But, what tells me that I am probably missing something by not having explored Cubify Design is the fact that it, too, is bundled with the Sense in the Design Sense Pack.  This, means, of course that Cubify Design is able to work with the output of the Sense scanner!  That's intriguing.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the 3rd Generation Cube,  Not only does it continue to demonstrate 3D System's commitment to improve our printing experience; but, actually takes a huge leap forward in the price/performance category. 


  1. Tom: glad to hear you're still improving like the Cube does! ;-) I managed to get my preorder in on the first day despite some web site issues -- had to call customer support. Can't wait either - but my preorder says the expected shipping date is early July. So if I get mine before yours I'll be sure to update you on my first impressions. - Eric

    1. PLEASE DO!!!

      I'm excited for you because I've seen that machine print. I'll be especially anxious to hear about the new software.

  2. Is there any plans for software ie invent for Mac OS 10+