Saturday, June 21, 2014

Uploads from KiBack Lee

Every now and then I get an invitation to share someone's Google+ page or Youtube Channel.  That was the case today and I was very pleased with what I found when I checked out the Google+ link!  I then checked out KiBack Lee's YouTube uploads.

If you want to have some 3D fun, visit the YouTube channel of KiBack Lee!

You will find some great information about all of the latest Cubify 3D printer products as well as Geomagic Freeform tutorials.

Here are some samples that I've really enjoyed.

Cube 3 Printer Introduction

CubePro Introduction

The ColorJest Printing Process

Until now, consumer 3D printers largely used extruded filament.  But, powder based printers will soon be available.  This is a great overview of that process as currently used in professional printers.


For more uploads by KiBack Lee, simply go to YouTube and search on his name.  I, for one, will be following his channel.  I might not be able to afford Geomagic Freeform; but, I definitely enjoy learning about it.  Thanks KiBack!

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