Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Cube 3s to test

At YouthQuest, we just took delivery of four Cube 3 printers.  Due to other commitments, I have only been able to set one up and get it running.

Two things I found with this printer are important to all Cube owners expecting a new Cube to arrive soon.


I can't emphasize enough how important it is for ANY new 3D printer owner to go through the various checks of table leveling and proper z-gap setting.

In the case of the new machine, the printer, after running auto-level, reported that I needed to make adjustments.  I needed 9/16 turns to the right in the back and 1/16 to the left in the front.  The fact that it was not absolutely correct when it came out of the box was not an issue to me. Traveling by truck is enough to make that little bit of difference.

After leveling I needed to run Auto Cal to recalibrate the printer.  I ALWAYS check the z-gap with the gap tool that comes with the printer.  Only after assuring myself that both Level and Gap were set correctly did I make my first print.


In addition to the $1000 Cube 3 printers, we also have 3 CubePro printers (2 Trio & 1 Duo) that list upwards of $4,400.

I can see no appreciable difference in print quality between the CubePro and the Cube 3.  If anything, the Cube 3 might be a bit better.  Where the CubePro shines is the large print table size and speed.  A 5 hour standard print job on the CubePro is a 9+ hour print job on the Cube 3. That same job is 22 hours on the CubePro at 70 microns and as you will see in a future post there is a noticeable print quality difference between standard 200 and premium 70 in the Cube Pro in the object I'm testing..

I have not yet tested the new printer in a large scale print at 70 microns.  But, I will after the current 9 hour job completes.  I'm 3 hours into the current print job with no clogging issues so far.

This weekend, I will open and set up the additional Cube 3 printers this weekend.  So far, I am really pleased with a tough two-color embedded cylinder test.

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