Monday, July 20, 2015

Keeping Bits & Pieces Out of The Side Vents

We've discussed this before; but, it's prudent to bring the subject up again now that we will be using both print jets and the purging strategy just before printing is different between the Infinity supports and standard PLA.

In my earlier post that discussed a way to keep filament out of the side vents, I had used a rubber band.  I believe that it was Eric Albert that mentioned that he uses the type of plastic used as sheet protectors or transparencies.

I've pursued the latter strategy and have come up with a pattern that can be printed on either inkjet transparency material or laser transparency material.  I am now using the shapes cut out from the pattern in all our printers and it works to keep the bulk of the filament bits and pieces out of the vents and in the trays.

While you will end up with a Word document, I will simply post the .PNG file on this page that you can use to create your printed page.

Vent Guard Pattern

Download this .PNG file and insert it into Word.  Open the "Size and Position" properties for the graphic.  Set the position to  "In Front of Text" and the size to 5" x 5".    If the margins are set to .25" all around, then there is room for two patterns on a page.

Print the patterns to transparency film.  BH Photo carries both inkjet and laser transparency materials,

Once printed, cut out the pieces making sure to cut the slots at the top creating 5 sections.  Tape the cut out shape to the back of each side tray.

It's difficult to see clear transparency held in place by Scotch tape.  So, I have printed a blue paper version and used white tape to demonstrate how the vent guard is mounted.  The vent guard is held in place securely once the tray is clipped into place.

Vent Guard Attachment Demo

The transparency material is thin enough not to interfere with the snapping connectors that hold the tray in place.  And, it is flexible enough not to interfere with the travel of the print jet housing.

It does NOT keep all the bits and pieces of filament and supports from dropping down into the printer.  But, it DOES prevent it from going down into the vents themselves, where it is tougher to remove.

This is a good idea even if you are not planning to use Infinity Supports; but, it is DEFINITELY a good idea if you ARE using the new supports. 

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  1. Tom;

    Thanks for the template and tips about printing with the INF material.

    Since receiving the INF material I have completed several very intricate prints with great success. These are the same prints that failed or took days to clean up in the past.

    This stuff is a game changer and should be in every Cube3 users hands!

    The new nylon material for the CubePro is also exciting to hear about and will hopefully make it to the Cube3 someday soon. Who knows, with the advancements we've seen maybe a new CubePro is in the works. 3D Systems has recovered from the initial Cube3 issues and seems to be moving forward with thought and foresight.

    Keep on spreading the information through your Blog and stay well!