Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cube 3D Printer Travels Well!

One of the best things I like about my Cube printer is that it travels very, very well.  It's light; yet, rugged in a way most previous 3D printers are not.  It's a true party animal!

The object that you see below was printed in a hotel room after the head had been clogged due to my impatience and cleared using the technique described in an earlier article.  Obviously, clogs are not fatal to the Cube as this video clearly demonstrates.

The Magenta filament that I had ordered arrived just before we traveled to Wilmington, DE.  After a week without electric power it was great to be able to pick up the printer, put it in the car and take it with us to a place having power.  And, of course, my granddaughters, who loved the green version of "Vase - Fire" wanted a magenta version!

Here it is...

Now, remember, this was printed entirely without supports or a raft.

I hope you are as impressed by that fact as I am.

But, I printed out another item on that trip that will prove its value for a long time to come.


We usually stay for multiple days when we travel.  So, we are used to using the "Do Not Disturb" hanger.  The only problem is that the hanger tends to fall off the door handle when the door is opened and closed.  Not fatal.  But, certainly annoying.

So, I decided to design and print a clip that would keep the hanger in place!  This is owning a 3D printer at its finest.  :)

Do Not Disturb Hanger Lock

It worked like a charm.  It slipped over the door handle and slid back to lock the door hanger in place.  It is this kind a ad-hoc capability that really makes a 3D printer pay for itself.  It took less than four minutes to design using Moment of Inspiration and about 12 minutes to print.

As I have already said... the Cube travels well.  Very well.

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