Friday, July 20, 2012

The Printed Celestial Circuits Rocket Pod

I have no idea what Celestial Circuits is going to officially call this part.  So, for now, I'll simply call it a rocket pod.  Here is an image of two iterations of the design.

Celestial Circuits Rocket Circuit Board Pod

The only difference is that the design on the right has rests for the ring so that it's even on both top and bottom.  You can see a small piece of circuit board in the part on the left.

The legs that extend from the ring that holds the two halves together are segmented to allow for easier cutting or breaking to allow the rocketeer to custom fit the unit in any rocket.  The item with be shown at a convention next week.  

Any size is possible.  Here is a version that takes a larger circuit board.

A Version to Accommodate Larger Boards

It was a fun project and I'm looking forward to seeing some test flights.  The boards that will be carried in this pod do a number of things.  Some capture telemetry data that can be played back via a video game-like simulator that recreates the flight on a computer for analysis.

A 3D printer can open the doors to some very, very interesting opportunities.

The blue is a nice color for this application, isn't it?  Very cool.

Even cooler is that I finally now have all the colors to show to you.   

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