Monday, August 27, 2012

Alternative Racks now on Cubify Store

I finally uploaded the alternative rack designs into the Cubify Store.

Either design is, I believe, stronger than the original Cartridge Rack and there are improvements in the filament hold down clips.

The design goals of both versions was to minimize the amount of filament required while still retaining strength,  Having used both for some time now, I think they achieved their design goals.  The filament hold down clips have also been improved to provide a tighter grip.

The first of the alternative designs provides greater strength by alternating short oval patterns, delivering greater overall lateral strength.  Click on the link below to go to the store entry for this version of the Cartridge Rack.

Cube Cartridge Rack - Oval Patterns

The second alternative design uses a layered pattern of hexagon holes where each layer provides vertical and horizontal support for the companion layer.  

Cube Cartridge Rack - Hex Patterns

I've love to know how well these designs work for you.  It's important to get feedback because if they work as expected these strategies can be used in future designs.  As usual, the cost is the minimum I believe is permitted ($3.00).

By the way, a big THANKS! to those that have purchased my designs on the Cubify Store.  It helps toward being able to afford the time to put into this blog.  :)

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