Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take Advantage of an Opportunity to be a Paid Part of the 3D Explosion in 2014

There is no doubt in my mind that the recent CES announcements brought us to the tipping point when it comes to 3D printing becoming a part of the consumer consciousness.  But, it's also going to take a concerted effort to not only inform the public; but, those who are charged with selling 3D tools to the public.

Your Opportunity

As most readers probably know, 3D Systems has reached agreements to make the Cube products available through Staples, Office Depot and storefront retailers. This is great news for those of us that believe that 3D printing has inherent creative and educational benefits to people of all ages.

However, 3D Systems recognizes that just having 3D printing tools on the shelves in retail stores is not enough to make sure those tools get into the hands of those that can use them effectively.  So, they have stepped up to the plate and hired Headway Workforce Solutions, a company that specializes, among other things, in hiring and training demonstrators and trainers.

The goal is to create a network of 3D printing "evangelists" to go into retail locations to acquaint the retailer's sales force and customers with the benefits and mechanics of 3D Systems 3D  products.   I believe that, for now, it is a part-time opportunity.   To get the most accurate information, please contact Chris Mangan, the person heading up the recruitment and training effort.

Contact Information

Here is the contact information...
Chris Mangan
Operations Manager - 3D Systems
Headway Workforce Solutions 

[P] 919-376-1409   (Direct Dial)
[P] 919-376-4929   (Main Office)
[F] 919-882-8061

I Encourage You to Explore this Opportunity

This is more than an opportunity to help sell some products.  It is an opportunity, perhaps, to be a part of the awakening of the creative spirit in children, adults and seniors in ways that they never thought possible.  As I have mentioned over and over.  3D Printing is NOT about kicking out novel plastic parts.  It is about being able to unleash the power of innovative ideas and creativity in us in ways no other new technology can do.  The people you will meet and the stories of those you will impact is a strong incentive to make a call to or send an email to Chris Mangan.  There is nothing like making money doing what you love.  :)

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