Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3D Printed Cube3 Print Table Leveling Tool

Earlier there was a blog article about a paper printed table leveling gauge that was designed to help count the precise distance to turn the print table pads when leveling the Cube3 print table.

A 3D printed version has just been uploaded to the Cubify 'Design Feed" for free download.  This is the DIRECT LINK.

As you can see from this image, the tool simply fits over the print table pads.

Print Table Leveling Aid (Print table pads simulated)

The ring without markings fits over the back/left print table mounting pad.  That pad is not to be adjusted.  It is the pivot point for the front/back and left/right height adjustments controlled by the left/front and back/right mounting pads.

The STL is designed so that should you desire the 'tic' marks can be printed in a 2nd color as illustrated above.  Be sure to place a mark on the print table mounting pads with a permanent marker to create a dial to follow as you ake the adjustments.

This thing is super helpful.  It makes the job of following the leveling directions SO much easier and more precise.  The increments are in 1/16th of a turn.


I create these items to make my life easier with my own 3D printers.  I have no idea how helpful you feel they may be for your own 3D printing experience.  If you choose to download any of the files I've uploaded please check the 'heart' so that I can see if there is any value in uploading them and what kinds of items are most appealing for Cube owners.



  1. Tom;

    Once again, Great Articles and now Great Tools!!! Very timely.

    Unfortunately my cartridges have now both jammed and I am not able to print them but I will keep them handy in hopes of eventually getting replacement cartridges.

    I have been trying to place orders for filament, glue and an extra print plate with our Canadian dealers but even they are not being told by 3D Systems when they can expect delivery.

    And, when I contact 3D Systems their shipping estimates change depending on who responds. (5 business days to 4 months)

    A little more open and honest communication from 3D Systems would be nice!

    So for now, rather than waiting for back orders, I have purchased a 2nd 3D printer (not a 3D Systems model) of the shelf at the Microsoft Store along with all the extra filament I will need.

    As soon as it is up, I will print your great tools and try to resurrect my Cube3's jammed cartridges for the projects I have waiting.

  2. Tom- the direct link above appears to have gone into cyberspace...

  3. Tom any chances to up it somewhere else? what about Wiki? ;)