Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cube3 Cubify Software Update - Version 2.19 is Available

As I started the Cubify client this morning, a notice appeared announcing an update to Version 2.19.

I have not idea about all of the improvements that have been incorporated into this update.  But, there is one that for those using the Cube3 in a classroom situation will be happy to see.   For, the first time, I am able to control TWO (and I suppose more) Cube3 printers from my computer.

It still is not at the point where doing so is absolutely reliable or under our complete control.  But, the fact that I am now able to send print jobs to two different Cube3 printers is a HUGE step forward.

Ultimately, controlling two printers should be as easy as selecting the printer from a dropdown list.  We're not there yet.  But, this development takes us a good way down that path.

In the current Cubify 2.19 version,, I had go down the following path to enter the second Cube3's IP  manually
PRINT > SETTINGS > CUBE INFO > Find a Cube manually
It did manage to find the second printer.  But, in my first attempt to send it a print job, the internal communication system switched back to the original printer before the transfer was complete.   Trying a second time worked.

The fix for that should be pretty simple.  The software knows it's transferring and can ignore any other actions (like refresh) until the transfer is finished.  So, that should be taken care of in the next update.  For now, I assume that bigger jobs may fail (longer transfer times) while small jobs may be safely transferred.

As I write this, TWO printers are happily printing away, oblivious of each other and, now that I have discovered some of my design characteristics that were inviting clogging... and avoid them... I'm confident both will complete successfully.

Cubify support and the designers on the Cubify team are listening to us.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  :)

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