Thursday, March 5, 2015

Critical Cubify Cleint and Firmware Updates

Cubify client 2.22 and firmware 1.10A are available for download.

I believe the combination of these two new updates will reduce our clogging issues.  While I have not been told that directly, when I reported that I thought that sometimes the Cube3 would start print jobs one line too low, I was told that 'the next update should fix this."

I took that to mean that there might have been instances where the print jet would be positioned too low on start up and, if so, it had been spotted and fixed.

I suggest downloading and IMMEDIATELY applying both updates..

When finished, the update still showed simply v1.10 on my Cube; but. 


  1. Welcome back Tom! Downloading now.

    1. Thanks, Wade! Let's hope there are some major improvements!

  2. I only show 2.09 being available. Is that because I have a Mac?

  3. Yes. I believe Mac version updates follow a bit later than the Windows versions.