Saturday, March 7, 2015

Possible Cubify v2.22 Quirk

I don't know if this is widespread; but, the Cubify client is now choking on my STL files. 

It tells me that it cannot read the file.  However, if I persevere, it will eventually read the file and print it.  I notice some new functionality related to updating the Cloud version of the Shelf.  So, it may have to do with that.  Or, it might be related to error checking the STL.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else is running into this as it may or may not be related to the way my STLs are built.


As has been pointed out in the comments the above situation seems to be related to te time it takes to sync the new design with the Cloud.  Once the 'Syncing' symbol disappears from the top center of the screen, the file is available.  Apparently, the file is locked while syncing.


  1. Tom;

    I use a Mac and have not noticed this in this version, but I did notice that behavior with a previous version of the client (2.07 I believe).

    I ended up deleting some of the files from the shelf and resyncing from the Cubify page. Then I opened the Cubify app on the Mac and all files seemed to go correctly.

    On a possibly related note.

    I do not know if you have experienced this yet with the new client, but I am now receiving email notification when I add a file to my shelf. It provides a link/address to view my print options.

    Strange stuff - we need a list of new features for the firmware and the client!

  2. It definitely does seem to have some connection with syncing to the Cloud. I have mixed feelings about the Cloud aspects of the software. On the one hand 99% of my designs are protoypes; but, there is some comfort in knowing that the Cloud is providing some backup.

    Ans, who knows, maybe I'll get something completed and want it in aluminum some day. :)

  3. I use a Mac and have version 2.09. I can't find a link to v2.22. I haven't upgraded to Yosemite. Is that the problem? Is there a link to v2.22? Thanks

  4. 2.09 seems to be the latest Mac version.

  5. Tom, I am seeing the same thing with the Cannot Read Error

  6. I've learned to patiently watch the syncing symbol. :)

  7. I have experimented same thing since 2.22 on Windows 8.1. I have just founded something this morning : when I import STL file from the directory where all my files are stored (long path), it does not work (i.e. Cannot Read File). If I move file to one disk root (i.e. E:\), it works fine...

  8. I think Cubify does not support long paths anymore... I hope next release will solve that problem...

  9. Hi, I have the same problem with Cube 3 and Cubify v3.4 software. I get the error with some files which are correctly read by other programs, AutoCAD, Cubify Sculpt, Catia etc. I also tried to save from different softwares, no change.

    I figured two possible problems about this, first file size or geometry complexity. It seems to be it occurs if the file heavier than 3-3.5mb.

    And second, the sync issue. So I logged out on the software but I still get the error.

    I hope we can figure out some solution to this.

  10. Same problem since version 3.22, and solution is to upload by site, but with the end of MyShelf, they HAVE to CORRECT this problem...