Sunday, May 10, 2015

The seahorse! - Video 5 of The 3D Coat Experience series

Hi friends
Another Video for you to watch this time we discover a little about the Blob tool. I like this tool because it does not need an object to begin with so you can start with an empty slate and blob your way up from there. We are going to introduce reference image use as well these help us to keep our proportions as well as are great for tracing to get a good start on a project.

We will also get a taste of paint and render. The above image is what we end up with in this tutorial. Let me know what you think. perhaps share an image of your screenshot so we can see how you're doing.
John Pennington

By the way I created a separate channel for the 3D Coat Experience. I will be moving all other videos over there this way those of you who subscribed don't have to get alerts when I post things not related to this series. Thanks again for watching hope you enjoy the videos. We are working to improve the audio as well so expect these to get even better.

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  1. It is becoming more clear taht even 3D Coat is a very comprehensive application, one can begin to do nice things relatively quickly and easily.

    While I am following along like everyone else, I plan to wait to download the trial until there are enough tutorials where I feel comfortable knowing I can truly give it a try with some level of confidence.

    Keep them coming! :)