Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Cube3 and Fabricate - Entirely New Horizons!

While I can't spend much time on it right now, I wanted to point you to the fact that 3D Systems continues to add value to your Cube3 investment by adding continuing to open up entirely new horizons for Cube3 owners.

Cubify Fabricate

I need to do a LOT more experimentation.  But, I cannot think of anything that adds more potential for the cadets that I teach than the all new Fabricate concept for blending clothing design and 3D printing.

Tonight's Project Runway's "avant garde" challenge featured the 3rd Gen Cube with the new Fabricate system.  Very Cool!

As soon as tonight's episode is online I will post the link.  In the meantime, check out the Cubify Fabricate link above... and let your minds go wild!


My experimentation will have to wait a bit.  None of the purchase links are live just now on the Cubify site.  Moreover, there are hints that this new capability might mean updated PLA cartridges.  While not a confirmation, I have to note that at the current moment, absolutely NO PLA cartridges are available on the Cubify site and users are being directed to consider ABS.

I will do my best to get better information on this situation.  But, if the two events are related. I will be patient and point you to other sources of filament for the Cube3 in the meantime.

Timing is EVERYTHING.  This morning, I woke to find that not only is PLA available; but, the new presentation on the web site is infinitely better at allowing us to assess the actual colors in real applications by adding images of the color as printed in actual 3D objects!

Apparently, it was a web site update issue rather than an actual availability problem. 

They have also updated

UPDATE #3 - Full Episode is up!

The Project Runway Cube3 episode is UP!  Here is the link.

I am VERY excited about Fabricate.

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