Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3D Coat Experience "The Pawn"

Hello again!
I hope you are all enjoying 3D Coat as much as I am. In this video I am going to take some time and explain the reference image a little more clearer. I will do the same with the Lathe primitive tool too. We used the lathe tool quickly when we made the seahorse. this time I will cover the finer details of both of these tools.
 I have been making these tutorials with a completed model as my goal. I am soon to start a sister series that will shift focus from the end result to the tools and what they do. I am considering to keep both running side by side as long as their is an interest for them both.
 I personally like to watch other users make  complete projects, From watching those I am inspired to adapt what I learn to my own ideas and hope that is what these videos have been doing for you.

Let us know what you think.