Tuesday, August 15, 2017

WOW Scope! A tool for the whole family

UPDATE:  I contacted Gorilla Scientific and the scope in link #1, IS an SMD-09 having two sets of eyepieces.  It is in a different box; but, functionally the same.  In fact, the ones I purchased so far are in the 1st version of the packaging and say "Worlds of Wonder Scope".  So, I'm confident that either source is a great one.

As many of you know I have relied on a variety of microscopes to evaluate and explain issues in my 3D prints.  I've previously posted that my favorite scope, among many that I own, is also one of the least expensive.  That scope has now been improved and expanded and, not only does it remain a terrific bargain, it expands on its price / performance value by adding two levels of magnification.
WOW Scope from C & A Scientific
The first versions upon which this product is based were 20x magnification.  That was wonderful for viewing things like 3D prints, bugs and just about anything curious that you find around the house.  But, the WOW Scope also includes eyepieces that boost the magnification to 50x!  And, it adds a bottom light along with the top LED light.

When searching for the correct microscope, I wish that we could simply enter "WOW Scope" to find it on Amazon.  But, you will have to enter "WOW Scope SMD-09".  Even then you will have to be careful and look for the following feature to ensure you are going to recieve the proper scope.

For instance, I found two entries...  Here is SEARCH RESULT ONE:

It's just $44.95 and comes with a box of minerals.  It MIGHT be the most recent SMD-09; but, before ordering I would send the vendor a note requesting verification.  Here's why.

Possible SMD-09

 Notice the little button just in front of the microscope's riser?  That is no longer the light switch for the most recent version.  It may be that the vendor did not have an image of the most recent SMD-09 version and simply used the image of the prior version of the My First Lab Stereo Scope.  If that is the only reason for the discrepancy, it is a great bargain at only $44.95 with Prime shipping.  The ad DOES mention the 50x capability.  But, would still confirm that it is the one you want.

SEARCH RESULT #2 is a bit more expensiv, at $69.99; but, it DOES have the image of the correct scope.

SMDZ -09 - Correct Image
Notice that there is no button switch in fron of the rise.  The rocker-type light switch is to the right of the base.  You can buy this one with confidence that it is the latest WOW SMD-09 scope.


There is a reason why I keep encouraging my readers to invest in a low-power stereo microscope for themselves and their children.  It grows our brains.  Every time you use a microscope of ANY type, you see something entirely new and every new experience that we and our children have adds new molecular structure to our brains.  I am convinced that the reason my granddaughter is planning to go to a school like Johns Hopkins is, in part, because she was exposed at an early age to the very first version of this particular scope and has used it year after year to examine bugs, flowers, stuffed toys and a whole host of other things she wanted examine more closely.

Conversely, I am convinced that many of the inherently bright, young at-risk and dropped out students with whom I work now were denied those mind expanding opportunities at an early age.  They had little opportunity to grow new connections that a microscope like this in their homes that would have provided that brain growing stimulation.

It dawns on me that all of us might have an opportunity during the holidays to donate something to a toy drive for Christmas.  Think about the SMD-09 when considering a donation.  Help grow a brain!