Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CubeX a finalist in Best of Show

Some congratulations are in order for 3D Systems.  The new CubeX, the big sibling to the Cube, has been nominated as a finalist for the Best of CES Peoples Voice awards.


You can read about it on the Cubify blog and there is a link for you to vote for your own favorite among the finalists. The voting is only active for this evening, so take a look at it early.

Here is a link to the CES page announcing all the finalists.  The CubeX is the only 3D printer in the finalist list.  And, it beat out some heavy competition, going up against the new Makerbot Replicator 2X.

Frankly, I LOVE the aesthetics of this new printer, just as I loved the Cube's aesthetics.  But, as beautiful as they are, they would not earn my respect without more than matching their looks with solid performance to match.   And, since the Cube has NOT disappointed me in that regard, I expect the CubeX to be just as impressive.

I've decided, for clarity, to keep the focus of this blog dedicated to the Cube and the consumer centered aspects of  The CubeX, clearly is a light industrial 3D printer and I'll be focusing on that category of 3D printers on my companion blog,

But, I will point you to a wonderful collection of images of the CubeX and it's output from   There is one piece that seems to have warping issues and there are some minor issues with the globe.  But, the other results are simply spectacular!  The Cathedral blows me away.  Remember, just as were the Cubes shown last year at CES, these CubeX machines are probably development models so I wouldn't read much into the little glitches.  This printer is going to be AWESOME!

And, the judges at CES seem to agree!  Congratulations Cubify Team!

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