Friday, January 11, 2013

Cubify Draw and Cubify Sculpt

Sometimes, like Hansel and Gretal's bread crumbs, little gems can be found in unexpected places.

Take a look at this quote from the Cubify Blog...

"On display were the new 2nd generation Cube printer, the CubeX printer – (capable of printing an item up to the size of a basketball, and in up to 3 colors at once) and an array of 3D new technology like Cubify Sculpt,  Cubify Draw and many more exciting things to see."

Now, I have not idea how to find the "many more exciting things to see"  But, I DID manage to do a Google search and locate something that gives us some insight into Cubify Sculpt and Cubify Draw.

Entering "Cubify Draw" as the Google search phrase, I came across an entry called "Investor Webcast".  And this brought up a PDF of a CES release from 3D Systems that mentions Cubify Draw and Cubify Sculpt.

Cubify Draw

I captured this page from the PDF.  Click on the image for the full size.

As a former teacher, I can tell you that this is going to make a LOT of parents and students VERY happy when they have a project requiring something in the shape of what they are studying,

Note that it is going to allow us to pull in an image on our iPads so that we can trace that image!  Even I am going to be able to do that.  Looks both useful and fun.  Can't wait for it to show up.   I purchased an iPad for myself and each of my grandchildren believing that some cool 3D apps where heading for that platform.  So, I'll be especially happy to see it released.

Cubify Sculpt

This one is a horse of a different color.  Again, click on the image to read it clearly,

My intuition says that this is going to be expensive.  But, in reality I have no idea as to how much it's going to cost.  What leads me to believe that it might be more than a few bucks is the image of the haptics device in the picture.  Traditionally, they have NOT been at the low end of the cost scale. 

Having said that, I have to admit that being able to create 3D objects by sculpting as if we were handling clay has been a sort of Holy Grail for me because it is the ONLY way my sculptor daughter is going to be able to generate her sculptures.  It's extremely difficult to create the kind of art she envisions with traditional 3D tools.

So, while I'm not sure what it's going to cost, I definitely want to follow its development.

We have a lot to look forward to this year!  :)


  1. Some people cant see outside their box... which keeps them from seeing the capabilities of 3D printing... so, I agree... :)

  2. Thanks, Armando.

    Perhaps that is because people are looking at the nuts and bolts of 3D printing rather than its true value, which is truly a mind extender. Even at this early state of the art, we can bring to life ideas that once just came and went because there was no way to fulfill them.

    While "democratizing" the 3D printers, we are also seeing a slower, but far more important, drive to find ways to turn ideas into designs in FAR easier... and, hopely less costly, ways.

  3. Sculpt looks a little like Sculptris, an open-source 3D sculpting software I've been using to connect my (very young) students to the Cube. It's not a perfect dialogue, as the translation between Sculptris and Cubify requires another piece of software to convert file types, and the final print usually needs a lot of rafting (resulting in a lot of failed prints for the kids), but it's still a lot more fun than trying to teach three year olds to use Invent!