Monday, August 19, 2013

Cubify Sculpt - At Last We Can Edit STL Objects

I've been playing with Cubify Sculpt for the last couple of days.  My schedule hasn't allowed me to complete an indepth review.  But, I can tell you that I like it.  And, one of the most compelling selling points is that it finally gives us a way to customize and modify STL files that we find on the web.

It's easy to miss; but, 3D Systems has provided some free STL "Templates" on the same page where you can download the Trial version of Cubify Sculpt.  So, be sure to scroll down to the free STL link so that you can check out how well Sculpt works on STL surfaces.  Nice.

I should be able to post some Cubify Sculpt tutorial videos in the next day or so.

To be honest, modifying objects built in other 3D packages is probably how most of us will use Sculpt.  While an experienced person may be able to create amazingly complex characters, etc.  Mere mortals probably will find that building the bulk of the object in another 3D package and then using Sculpt to give it a more organic form is probably the most efficient use of Sculpt.  Sculpt will become and important part of our design workflow.

Once you have used Sculpt I think you will agree that it's not an either/or question when it comes to finding the best way to create those objects we want to print.  I will demonstrate how to integrate Cubify Sculpt with Moment of Inspiration to enhance objects in a way that would be tough to achieve in a CAD like environment.

It's going to be fun!

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