Friday, August 16, 2013

Cubify Sculpt is Released!

First a little history...

Around six years ago, when I first became interested in 3D printing, it was obvious to me that the then current batch of software tools was daunting for mere mortals.  So, when Mudbox was released I instantly hopped on it and created a blog to document my learning progress.


As you can see, if you clicked on the link, I didn't get very far.  There was nothing wrong with Mudbox.  It was a wonderful product and artists could do amazing things with it.  But, I'm not an artist.  So, it was just an exercise in pain for me.  So, reluctantly, I moved on to something else.

That something else turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time.  A truly simple 3D interface that relied on using tools to manipulate the surface and shape of an object.  It was a product designed for children... making it perfect for me!  And, again. I started a blog to document my owning learning process for other new users.  This time the result was completely opposite of my Mudbox experience!

Cosmic Blobs Blog

I loved every minute of working with Cosmic Blobs.  It was a totally different experience than I'd had with the much more complex Mudbox product.  At the time, they had a "Pro" version called CBModelPro and I also tackled that with gusto with another blog!

CBModelPro Blog

I enjoyed these programs immensely.  But, unfortunately, the surface modeling technology upon which they were built was limited and as the models (and users) became more complex, the programs would grind to a halt.  So, the company behind these products pulled the plug.  They are no longer supported.

Along Comes Cubify Sculpt

I do not know, as yet, how I will fare with Cubify Sculpt.  But, in the few hours since I downloaded the trial, it appears to be very promising.  While it APPEARS to be very much like Mudbox, I can already tell that it has a much simpler interface with just the most critical tools and the most critical adjustments to those tools.  I don't expect to be overwhelmed when trying to learn it.  But, if I am, you will be the first to know.  For, I do plan to document my learning process with videos.

In the meantime, here is an introductory video that Cubify has released to help give you an idea of how it works!

And, here is the LINK to where you can download the 14 day trial or purchase it. 

Personally, I am REALLY looking forward to trying it!

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