Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cube3 Production Now Primarily Located at Rock Hill Facility

For me this news is both sad and good news.  It's sad because I loved the crew at the Herndon manufacturing facility.  I really appreciate the great work they accomplished from the very first Cube1 that rolled off the assembly line.

The sadness is offset by the realization that the demand for the Cube3 finally outpaced what could be produced in the smaller facility in Herndon to the point where it made the most sense to move the primary Cube3 production to the Rock Hill, South Carolina facility. 

I suspect that there is another benefit of having both engineering and production under the same roof.   I know that in the early days of the Cube3 production, the engineers from South Carolina made numerous trips trying to quickly identify and fix issues that came up.  It's only logical to believe that having the design engineers and the assembly line in closer proximity will result in quicker solutions to problems as they arise.

While the move definitely is a personal hit, it's one that I think benefits all future Cube owners.  I should be able to see the new assembly line next week.  Our South Caroline Youth Challenge cadets will be touring the Rock Hill facility and I'll be along for the fun. 

If I'm lucky, maybe I can bring back some pictures.  :)

But, I do not want to forget the hard working and dedicated crew at Herndon, Virginia that has always been great to me and given their best for ALL of us. 

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