Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cubify Client 2.24 Released To Optimize the 1.11A Firmware

The next time you open your Cubify Client while connected to the web, you should get a notice that there is a new Cubify Client available.  It's version 2.24 and it is designed to take advantage of the 1.11A firmware update reported earlier.

It is a good idea to re-slice your objects 

In fact, I removed all of my previously sliced versions.  Sliced versions are shown in the color that was installed in your printer at the time the object was printed.   They can also be identified by a suffix appended to the end of the original STL file name. 

The suffix will generally have an underscore followed by a numeric value.

You do not have to remove the original STL upload (non-colored) version.   Simply select it again for printing to re-slice it as optimized for the new firmware.


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