Friday, April 17, 2015

New Firmware, New Client, 70 micron Success

After my early failed attempts at printing in 70 micron layers, I simply abandoned trying until I felt that the early clogging issues had been successfully addressed.

Given the success I was having with firmware 1.10A at 200 microns, I suspected that with the release of 1.11A and the companion client upgrade that it was time to try 70 microns again,

I'm happy to report, after a successful 5.5 hour print, that there were no issues at all with printing at the highest resolution.  I would not call the test a definitive one since the design for the objects being printed required very few filament in/out cycles.  The lines could be printed continuously, which is less stressful on the filament.  But, it is certainly promising and reflective of the steady improvements in performance delivered by the 3D Systems engineering team.

By the way, the print is stunningly beautiful.  Unfortunately, I cannot post an image because the objects are prototypes as part of a series of products that I hope to release in the near future.

We keep making progress.  :)


  1. Tom;

    As always it was good to see your recent posts.

    I too had been watching the 3D Systems web site for a new update to the firmware and the client software after having great success with the last one.

    After the downloads I am about to try a model that has given me grief since day one with the Cube 3. I still have questions and concerns about the supports but I am going to give it a shot with the new versions and also compare the results vs a version I have manually added supports to.

    I see that while 3D Systems has not updated the "Release Notes" page for a couple of versions they are trying to keep us informed.

    We are indeed moving forward at this point!

    I hope that the students that you introduced to 3D printing as referenced in your post of todays' date realize their potential but also recognize the wealth of knowledge and resources that you have shared.

    Keep on keeping on !!


  2. Thanks, Wade!

    It will be exciting to see how the younger students react as we move into the local Boys and Girls Club for a summer session. :)