Thursday, January 14, 2016

As Doors Close, New Doors Open!

The site is expected to be closed on Jan 16, 2016.  From that point on, all of the updates and accessories will be obtained through the 3D Systems web site.  Once the changeover is complete I will post the pertinent links.

But, life is a series of passages and as old doors close, new doors open.

One such new door is in the area of 3D Scanning.  In particular it involves a whole new breed of ultrabook class computers that include Intel's new RealSense scanner technology.

While the hardware might suggest a single development path, the reality will be quite different.  The reason why I believe that the RealSense scanning hardware is simply a launching platform is that there are already mulltiple early teams taking different paths on making use of RealSense to capture 3D scans.

Sense for RealSense, from 3D Systems brings us a Win8/10 app that encapsulates the scanning experience suitable for both local and cloud printing.   (An updated link to come after the Cubify move)

ItSeez3D takes a cloud-based approach.  Originally developed for the iSense or Structure scanners, they have ported the app for Win8/10 for 4th generation Haswell Intel Core processor products (or newer) using Intel's RealSense technology.

XYZPrinting recently introduced a handheld USB 3.0 RealSense scanner that is available from B&H Photo for just $168.90!   It includes scanning software.

XYZprinting 3D Scanner

While it doesn't appear on the Creative web site as yet, Creative produced the RealSense cameras for Intel's RealSense pre-release SDK package!


But, the company that prompted me to claim that techniques for taking advantage of RealSense are going to blossom in new directions is CAppASITY.  While I have not been able to test the product, Easy 3D Scan, the samples they display are fascinating.  It appears they provide the capability of using a Canon SLR with RealSense to producing high fidelity textures!  The result look stunning.

I'm a Canon 5D Mark II user, so this REALLY appeals to me.  :)

They have other products for scanning rooms and articles.  Very interesting.

All of this is brand new so we are just beginning to be able pull back the covers.  But, the little we know at this point sure peaks our interest. 

I recently purchased the HP Spectre 12-a000 X2 (m3 chip) which is a 12 tablet having the R200 (Rear Facing) Real Sense camera and have already done some testing using Sense for RealSense at the 3D ThinkLink Creativity Lab at our YouthQuest headquarters.  We invited cadets from our Youth Challenge classes to take part in a focus-group giving feedback on their scanning experiences comparing the handheld Sense and tablet-based RealSense.  Their observations will be published on the YouthQuest site.  I'll let you know when it's available.  I can tell you we certainly had fun learning to optimize the experience.  RealSense is real.  :)

We're ready to charge through this new open door!  :)


  1. But now, Where can I get my 3D models that used to be on cubity cloud.

    1. As far as I know, there is no longer a cloud repository for the files we had stored there.