Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Cube Cube will be hard to miss!

There one thing for certain about the Cube Odyssey as it treks across the U.S.A.  It's going to be VERY difficult to miss!  LOL!

3D Systems just posted preliminary images of the Cube Cube by Galpin Auto Sports.

Check this out...

Hmmmm.... is it any mystery how Mad Mike got his name!  

Wait!  What if Mad Mike isn't the designer?  Does this mean that Galpin Auto Sports has MORE than one slightly "mad" employee???  If so, that is my kind of place!  LOL!

Kind of makes me wish I wasn't FAR too old for a road trip of that magnitude!  This is bound to be a fun trip meeting some fantastically creative and innovative people at each and every stop.

You see, I KNOW the kind of people that are going to be interested in the Cube.  You are people able to not only think outside the box; but, WAY outside the box.  (No pun intended? )  You are the kind of unique individuals that... well... think like Mad Mike and the Galpin Auto Sports guys.  As my granddaughters would describe you, you are FUN and SPECIAL!  :)

I was with a video game company over 30 years ago and I had the privilege of traveling the U.S. and Europe meeting our users... people just like yourselves,,, fun and special.  The memory of those contacts is still sweet after 30+ years.  Each time I think of the many wonderfully creative and enthusiastic people I met, a big smile spreads across my face.

The guys about to embark on that tour may have a little bit of clue as to how much fun it's going to be to meet people enthusiastic about what they can do with a 3D printer.  But, what ever they can imagine now is going to pale in comparison to the reality and the memories that they will carry with them for a lifetime.  And, those memories will be all about YOU.

So, give them a warm welcome when they come your way and, PLEASE, let me hear about your reactions as you see the Cube in action for the first time.  I might not be able to travel with them.  But, I sure do want to experience some of your excitement over what you can do with one of these wonderful printers.

Have fun guys!

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