Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to the Cube Team

Valentine's Day is a special time for sending those you appreciate a card, letter or some token of your appreciation.  This year it is appropriate for me to send a Valentine Greeting to 3D Systems and the entire Cube/Cubify team.  Beyond my immediate family, if there is a team that I admire more, I sure can't think of one.  So, here goes...

Happy Valentine's Day
Cubify Team!

Thank you for all your efforts to design, build and support my favorite 3D printer.  It is more than simply a machine.  It has become an important part of my life, enabling me to realize long held dreams and ideas that less than a year ago I could only visualize in the recesses of my mind.

I think of you often, no matter what part you have played in continuing to make both the Cube and Cubify betterI am very thankful that you do what you do and care as you care.


It's very easy for me to embrace the Cube/Cubify Team.  I am privileged to know some of them and to have interacted with others with questions and suggestions by email or phone.  I have visited Rock Hill to see the Cube before it was released.  I have visited the factory in Virginia and witnessed how much each one on the assembly line and at the pre-shipping testing station cares that you get the best Cube possible.  Recently, I spent two days with several team members at the Hagley Museum, in Wilmington, Delaware, watching and listening to them explain and demonstrate to parents and children how the Cube works.  And, saw the look of awe in the faces of those children.

I have run my Cube day and night for months now.  And, yes, I have had a cartridge or two give me the dreaded "Filament Flow Fail" and, early on, a few clogs here and there.  But, on a scale of 1 to 100, I give my experience with the Cube a solid 99.9 and I doubt that any 3D printer could deliver anything more than that.

Equally importantly,is what it has done for me at an intellectual level.  My creative skills have been sharpened and my imagination has been unleashed in ways that leave me in awe.  I thought I was a creative person before the Cube came into my life.  But, looking back, having ideas without a means to go anywhere with them, really stifled the creative process.  The product that the Cube/Cubify team has brought us has changed all that.

So, again, no matter where you are located, or what part you play, Happy Valentine's Day 3D Systems and the entire Cubify Team.  I love what you have done.  I love what you are continuing to do.  And, I love that you care as I know you care.  :)


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  1. Hi, Tom:

    I just saw your note. I've never met any of the Cube team personally. But I do know their support has always been very impressive for me.

    It's rare for a product support group to pleasantly surprise me with their responses, but that's been my experience with them every time I've contacted them. They clearly care about their product and about helping their customers.

    I think the Cube folks' prompt and effective support is an under-appreciated aspect of the "ownership experience" of using their 3D printers.

    They really stand behind their products!