Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Updated Cubify Client Software Available

As I started my Cube Client this evening, an alert popped up stating that a new version of the Cubify Client software was available.  Based on past experience, no time was wasted on downloading and installing the new update.


Make sure that you go into the  Settings dialog to restore your preferences.  Each new install resets rafts to ON and Supports to ON.  And, 1st Generation Cube owners will have to reselect their printer type.


Other than the new green splash screen, no changes were immediately obvious.  But,  it just so happened that the piece that I wanted to print was the perfect piece to demonstrate what I THINK is going to be a hugely popular improvement.

One of the things all of us would like to see is a set of Release Notes for each new version.  As far as I know, there are none.  So, risking total embarassment if wrong, I'm going to offer an improvement that I believe I see.

No matter which 3D printer you've used, chances are it had issues with small gaps in areas around holes.  It is especially prominent when holes are close together or near walls or edges.  It is a very common 3D printer behavior. 

Whether or not the improvement came in this new version or not, the Cubify Client now seems to have fixed that issue!  If what I THINK I see is true, then it also may have ramifications for relatively thin wall construction.  Time for some serious testing!

In the meantime, here is an image, albeit poor, of the part that demonstrates what I am seeing.

Small Holes in Close Proximity
The hole sizes are 4mm and 3mm.  Distance between the holes is 2.75mm and from the holes to the walls is just 1mm.  All areas are perfectly and completely filled.

The designed specification for the outer walls in this object are 1mm with inside walls of .5mm.  Interestingly, the inexpensive calipers from Harbor Freight measure various spots on the outer walls between .90mm to 1mm and the inner walls from .66m to ,87mm.depending on the orientation. 


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  2. Wait, so that was made from a 3d printer? I didn't know they had 3d printers. Now I want to get one in Oaksville.

  3. Hey Tom,
    -Cube Client- is for the 'Cube' printer, correct?? -CubeX- is the software for the CubeX, CubeX Duo, and CubeX Trio, correct??

    1. That is correct. You will want the Cube Client for both the 1st generation and 2nd generation Cube printers.

      The CubeX client is completely different.