Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cube3 Manufacturing moved to New Rock Hill Facility

As of this month, all new Cube3 and Ekocycle printers will be manufactured in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

Just prior to bringing out the Cube1, 3D Systems purchased Vidar Systems Corporation, located in Herndon, Virginia.  All Cube1's, Cube2's, Cube3's and Ecocycle printers were manufactured at that site until a new, larger  manufacturing facility was built near the Rock Hill headquarters.

While it's a personal blow to me, since the Herndon site was just minutes from my home, the move is a positive testament to the success of the Cube 3D printer line.  While the Herndon team did a heroic job of meeting the growing demand, there was little physical room for the expansion it would take to meet future demand for 3D System's consumer 3D printers.

Described as "huge", I understand the new facility will also be producing the CubePro.  But, I'm not sure which other products or printers will be manufactured in that facility.  While I was in Rock Hill recently with some of our South Carolina Youth Challenge cadets, our tour was limited to the headquarters.  Hopefully, we'll have a chance to see it in action in the future.

One of the primary benefits, beyond room to expand, that the new facility brings to the table is its closer proximity to the Cube design engineers.  This should significantly reduce the time it takes to identify design or manufacturing issues.and then fix and implement required changes.    This is a good thing.  In fact, a VERY good thing!  :)

To the Herndon Cube manufacturing team...

I really appreciated all of your commitment and hard work to bring the Cube1, Cube2, Cube3 and Ekocyle 3D printers to us.  Having seen you in action over the years, your work has always impressed me. And, we at YouthQuest always enjoyed bringing our cadets to your facility to see how the printers were made.  Our cadets not only loved the process; but, appreciated your warm welcome and ready answers to their many questions.  We thank you for everything.  :)

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