Saturday, July 18, 2015

3D Coat Experience - The Rocking Horse Textured

Hi Cubify Fans!

    I am back and bringing you another video in the 3D Coat Experience. This time I take our last model and texture it in the paint room.

    I took a little time out due to a small trip some surgery (hernia repair) and some rest. But I am back in full capacity now and ready to continue in this series. I got to meet Tom during the trip that I took and it was as if we had known each other all along. Wish I had more time to sit with him and just enjoy each others company however am glad for the time we did have. We talked a lot about shared ideas and interests in 3D modeling and  Printing. I believe we have decide to create another series that will run alongside this series. It will be more focused on the actual teaching of the software in depth. Not as much about an end result persay. The videos will be to the point and focused so as not to lose anyone who wants to learn 3D Coat,

    Last video was long and perhaps for some too long I am going to try and shorten them some perhaps when needed post them in parts. This video takes off where we stopped and takes the Hobby Horse and textures it for a much more refined finished model.

    I am just amazed at the simplicity at which you can color and texture a model in 3D Coat. I have played with many demos only to walk away frustrated. Not so in this video you will see how to make the model look as it is in the image at the top. keep watching and soon you will be making things with ease.  The image below is from my experimenting as well things are starting to get fun.

    Thanks for watching let me know what you think. I would love to know what direction you would like to see the 3D Coat Experience go. So take some time and add a comment at the bottom.



  1. Wow! I'm loving it. Thank you for doing the hard work of exploring 3D Coat for the first time. :)

    And, I also enjoyed meeting you for the first time when you visited our area!

  2. Yes, shorter videos would be great. Thanks