Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3D Coat Experience "The Rook, King and Queen"

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

This time we will be posting two videos the first one will show us how to go from a pawn to a rook. We will use the radial mirror to cut the top of the rook for the castle look. After the Rook is made you will have all the basics for making your own chess set. perhaps in a future video we will make a chess piece with a human type face. For now these are more classic type pieces.

After the Rook is made we will continue in The next video showing how to go from the rook into the King and the Queen. Again the Radial mirror is helpful in creating the crowning type tops. Chess pieces can be very contemporary or as classic as you desire. These videos should set you on a great start no matter what way you choose to go.

The next Project I am hoping to take on is a winter / Holiday theme. It will be used to make a render that could become a Christmas card or a frame for a family holiday photo. Perhaps print out your own winter display / ornament this season..

Until then have a great Holiday.             

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