Monday, January 18, 2016

Glow Forge: The one Non-Additive Manufacturing Product that Interests Me

When we set up the 3D ThinkLink Creativity Lab in our YouthQuest Foundation offices, we very specifically decided that, unlike the usual maker spaces, we would concentrate ALL of our energies in providing the ultimate in 3D scanning, design and printing experiences for our at-risk students and their teachers.

Personally, my interests are in line with that focused vision.

But, I have to admit, there is one non-additive product that has captured my imagine in a big way.

It's a desktop laser cutter called Glow Forge.

Glowforge picture
Glow Forge Laser Cutter

I don't know whether it's the convenient size, the fact that they include an air filter in all but the most basic model (meaning no need for outside venting) or the fact that it has a camera that let's you simply draw your design with a pen or pencil and it will follow it.  Perhaps it is all three.

Or, just maybe it's the fact they they call the Glow Forge "The 3D Laser Cutter"!

But, whatever the reason, it's got me salivating over all the fun and creative things it can do.

This is a 3D PRINTING blog.  So, I'm not going to write any more.  But, I promise you that your creative juices will flow as you read about the Glow Forge laser cutter.

Glow Forge Laser Cutter.

Here is a YouTube video from that helps explain why I am so stoked over the Glow Forge's potential.

Kind of self explanatory isn't it?


  1. Tom: if you use Autodesk 123DMake your GlowForge becomes a 3D modeler of sorts! And you guessed it, I'm expecting my unit by March or April... It also is a fast way to make forms to lay up fiberglass shells.

    1. I now moderate comments. So, you are REALLY fortunate that in spite of my pain and jealousy (and regaining my composure after a good cry) I decided to go ahead and publish this news. :)

      And, of course, payback being h***, I can hardly wait to send you some print samples from the JellyBox... which I KNOW you DON'T have!!!

      Then I can watch YOU weeping on the floor. LOL!

      I'm anxious to hear how it goes when the Glow Forge arrives. I HAVE to get up to your school.