Friday, September 30, 2016

Final Hours of M3D Pro KickStarter

At the time of this writing, there were only 18 hours to go before the M3D Pro KickStarter campaign ends.  And, I just got another update that shows great things are happening with the M3D Pro development.

As part of the email, they sent two images, which I have combined in a short video.

This is just a small sample of the major advancements in FDM 3D printing that are delivered in the M3D Pro.  Here is an updated video demonstrating the new "auto-correction" capabilities. 

Now, you have to admit.  THAT is very cool.

There is so much more to say; but, I will simply send you over to the "Final Week Update" to see the rest of the story.  :)

I can hardly wait to get my hands on one,  And, you can bet I will be breaking out the microscopes to test, for myself, the ultimate print quality.
NOTE: there is one thing that I hope to be able to improve on and that is the nature of the first layer which uses rather wide lines for adhesion.  (See the above link.)   I am hoping to be able to achieve a super-smooth bottom layer and that might mean using a 3rd party slicing application.  We'll see.

What is most refrshing for me is the candor of the Michael Armani and the M3D team as they develop the product and part of that is allowing KickStarter contributers to make requests.  Being able to define the first layer will be among my requests.  
I am hoping that many of my fellow Cube users will take a serious look at the M3D Pro as their next 3D printer so that we can grow together with that platform as we did on our Cube journey.  And, speaking of that, I have created a Cube Software Dropbox folder that should contain all of the various version of firmware and client software just in case you might need it in the future.


  1. That correction feature is nice. I decided to get a refurbished Robo R1+ when the filament in my last Cube cartridge broke, which reqiures disassembly of the nozzle to fix. I have been very happy with the Robo. I also discovered just how much the Cube made invisible to the user, and therefore untweakable. The heated bed is much larger than the Cube as well and I can use so many more types of filament. I am now considering jumping into the Kickstarter for their new C2 and R2 models. Meanwhile, I am awaiting delivery of my Kickstarter reward for the Ono resin printer, which sits over your cellphone using input from the headphone jack to run the print and its light to set the resin. Isn't this a fascinating age we live in?

  2. I would love to hear how well the Ono works. In fact, if you would like to write a review I will publish it here.

    We have options for the Cube2; but, very few, if any, for the Cube3. So, I see most user eventually migrating to new alternatives. I appreciate your comments. :)

  3. hello Tom, this is David i have cubify invent but i do not have a printer do you know any place that will take the cubify file.

    i was going to use shapeways but it will not work. if you could help me that would be great and your videos were awesome thank you.

    1. Hi David, Let me take a look at the file to see if I might be able to help. Use

  4. Hello Tom i have cubify invent and because of your videos i am learning how to use the program. but i now would like to get it printed but i do not own a printer do you know any one who would print the file i have made. i have tried shapeways and they do not. i really would love to have it printed this is my first time with 3d program.
    Thank you
    David Motsinger

  5. You can contact me directly using requests[at]

  6. I lost the will to live with my Cube3D. I'm using what remaining cartridges I have and as they clog (inevitable) I just toss them. I'll toss the printer once the last cartridge is gone. Tom, you're obviously closely involved with the M3D Pro project, have you seen anything that gives you cause for concern? I'm particularly interested in print reliability and the printers ability to consistently feed filament. I'm very interested in the the M3D Pro but I really do not want a repeat of my Cube3D experience. Any advice or observations you could share would be very welcome. Best. H

    1. I have no reservations at all abut the M3D Pro project. They have started to roll out early alpha/beta copies and I'm watching the progress closely. What impresses me is the candor and openess of the management.