Sunday, September 10, 2017

Of Flutes, Irma and 3D Printing

I was first an inquiring potential customer, looking to buy a bamboo Irish Flute.  But, the more I learned about Erik The Flutemaker, the more I admired not only his skills as a flutemaker; but, his passion to help those in the deepest poverty through his not-for-profit, Flutemaker Ministries.

I ended up not only buying several flutes from Erik; but, a bamboo saxophone for a friend of my granddaughter since the first grade to benefit Erik's ministry to special needs kids in Nicaragua.

Ultimately, I have become a friend, attempting to use my 3D design and printing skills to help him in his work with the goal to design and print a mouthpiece suitable for some of his flutes.  It's been quite a challenge to find the "sweet spot" that equals the wonderful tone he is able to generate through more expensive and labor intensive alternatives.  I have learned a LOT!.

His bamboo grove is in Davis, Florida which is now being affected by Irma.

He just sent me this link, knowing I was concerned for the safety of him and his family.  I just had to share it with you as Erik's skill and his spirit comes through so impressively.   The sound track is him playing one of his flutes.

I'm hoping that you, like I did when I first learned about Erik the Flutemaker, will completely explore his web site and enjoy the beauty of his music.  And, I hope that some of you might consider buying one of his flutes that benefit Flutemaker Ministries.  

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