Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Matter & Form THREE 3D Scanner - Update on the Coin Scans

 Matter and Form added a new blog article that sheds a little more light on the capabilities of their new THREE 3D scanner now in development.

I refer to this image: Click to see the full size image.

Coin Scan (Left) compared to Coin Source (Right)

It is important to point out that the coin was first sprayed with a powder to reduce specularity.  This is a common and necessary practice when trying to scan shiny objects.  The powder does have the affect, although minimal, of reducing the sharpness of features. 

That said, there are two things to note when evaluating a scan.the first is the ability to capture small features accurately.  We can see by the quality of the lettering and the fact that all of the coins embosses features were accurately captured that the THREE has great resolution.

But, there is another to note.  FLAT features should be FLAT.  Without the side-by-side view, it could have beeb assumed that the THREE had picked up artifacts, due to digital noise, where the coins was assumed to be completely flat.  Having the image of the source demonstrates that flat areas are, indeed flat, and the tiny bumps in the scan are accurate captures of even finer features.

This is an impressive scan and I, for one, am really looking forward to more samples.

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