Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cubify Client Software - Introduction & Tutorial

My primary business for the past 30+ years has been as a software designer.  I've designed video games, children's activities, the first professional desktop video application for the PC and business applications.  So, I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to control structures in software applications.

Both the art and the work flow of the Cubify Client pass the test.  It's nearly perfect for it's intended audience and intended application.  They've done a nice job.

The Cubify Client, which can be downloaded from the Cubify web site, converts an STL file into code that the Cube 3D printer uses to print a 3D object.  There is a work flow that makes this job complete and the Cubify Client presents this work flow in an extremely clean and easy to use manner.

So, let's see what that work flow looks like.

As you can see, it's pretty hard to get lost with this software.  The one improvement I'd like to see is a feature that alerts us that the object we just imported is too large and offers to automatically fix it.  It's easy to see if the X or Y axis is too wide.  But, not so easy to see if the Z (Vertical Height) axis is out of bounds.  But, that is easily checked manually using the Object Information button.

Nice job!


  1. I can't find the download link.

  2. It's only available through the Cube owner's account pages.

    I wish it was openly available for visitors as well as Cube owners because it makes a great case for how easy it is to print with the Cube. It's one of those rare offerings from a hardware manufacturer... an excellent and intuitive interface! :)

  3. Hi Tom -

    Great video as always!

    Question 1: What would have happened if you did NOT turn on rafts and supports on the vase model? Would the printer just spray filament into "empty space"? In other words, do we need to determine the need for supports ourselves?

    Question 2: I understand why to use a support, but when should we use a raft? I know that rafts are supposed to help with warping, but isn't the magic glue also supposed to help with that?


  4. Some 3D Printers do not permit printing with a raft. But, with the Cube, I would always first try to print without a raft if I thought I could get away without supports.

    And, yes... the magic glue is part of the Cube's ability to avoid the need for a raft.

    Determining the need for supports become intuitive after some experience with a 3D printer. But, we will have to make that decision for ourselves. In the case of the "Complex Vase", I knew going in that it was probably going to need supports.

    But, I wanted to push the Cube to see what it might do in an almost impossible printing situation. So, I first attempted it with no raft and no supports. It did beautifully to a point. It valiantly tried. But, the length of the flat area did as you expected... hung the filament out into space.

    That was a DESIGN problem. Not a 3D Printer problem. I'm convinced that even a small slope or arch in the design would have made for a total success.

    The printed show clearly demonstrates the Cube's abilities to print without support with designs that anticipate issues. In a subsequent video I will show this with the design of the shoe.

    Good question! :)


  5. Hi, I have recently buy a cube and have already install the software in a laptop, but now that I want to install the Cubify Client software I can't find the link :(

    Any idea where can I find it?

    Nice blog btw

    1. Go to the Cubify web site. Click on the Cubes+ menu item and then on the Cube 2 selection. The Cubify Client is to the right of the screen.

  6. Hello Tom,
    I own a Cubex trio and i have the software that comes along with the package. Now i am more comfortable with 3ds Max. So my question is if i can create whatever model i want to print in 3ds Max and export it as .stl file from 3ds max itself willit print??
    Plus i cant seem top find the cubify client download link.
    Please help.

  7. The software that came with your CubeX should be able to import the STL file. The link to the Cubex client is http://cubify.com/Products/CubeXTechSpecs

  8. Thank you Tom, but what i wanted to know was whether i can print a model directly from 3ds max or not. Does the.stl file that is imported from 3ds max support for 3d printing??Can i print it out directly by putting it in the cubex printer through the pendrive/stick?

  9. You probably cannot print directly from 3DS Max. You will have to first export an STL file and then use the CubeX client to convert the STL file into a third file which you then save to a USB flash drive that is put into the printer for printing.

    Here is an excellent video by artist Kevin Caron, a CubeX owner that talks about the CubeX client process.