Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fume Question Settled for Me

Some legitimate question has been raised about ABS fumes and the Cube.

This is not a definitive answer.  But, it's the one that counts for me.

I did not mention a thing about smell or irritation to my family as I set up the Cube in my daughter's home.  I wanted to see what my family would say without any influence from me.

The Cube printed for well over 8 hours and not one of my family mentioned anything at all about any smell or fumes.

After we left for home, I directly asked my wife if she noticed any smell.  And, her answer was, "No."

I can't speak for everyone.  But, I do know that my wife and daughter have what I would consider very sensitive senses of smell.   If there was even a HINT of something obnoxious they would have noticed it.

It passed the test that counts for me.  And, while I know that is a completely subjective observation, it's the only measure that I can offer.

I hopes this helps those that might be concerned.  :)


  1. Hi Tom -

    I noticed a VERY slight smell during the Cube "Rolling Demo" but they had several printers (4? 6?) all printing simultaneously inside a smallish Nissan SUV. After the doors were open for a few minutes, there was no appreciable small.

    The only time I could really detect any smell is when I had my face right in the print bed.

    1. Thanks!

      That is VERY helpful. This is one area were I will remain comletely unable to directly help. So, I'm sure everyone will appreciate a firsthand account by somebody that CAN help.


  2. Question though is why it doesn't smell. Low temperature + force of extrusion? (lower temp, higher extrusion force) or a they really use a different ABS formula? I usually don't print in ABS anymore just because of the fumes.

  3. I have no idea.

    I went back up to my daughter's to pick up the Cube and directly asked all of them if they had smelled anything and the answer was "No". In fact, my son-in-law, who is involved in the building trade and works with various materials said that he actually took note that he could not smell anything because he was surprised by that.

    We will have to wait until a lot of the new Cube owners weigh in. But, as of now, things look great on the fume question.

  4. I have my Cube on my desk in my bedroom. No smell or irritation whatsoever.