Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Intel Real Sense Tablets with Win10 are arriving!

Our cadets and I have always enjoyed using the Sense scanner from 3D Systems.  But, the need for a cord made using it a bit cumbersome.  After all, the technique for scanning involves going in a circle around the target!

Not having any compatible iPhones or iPads meant that purchasing the iSense, which would have solved the problem, also required using an iPad that didn't fit into our 3D workflow.  The iPad, for instance, does not run the 3D design application we regularly use.

But, now there is an alterntive.  Both Lenovo and HP have (or are) introducing Win10 tablets that incorporate the new Intel R200 rear mounted Real Sense 3D scanning camera.  And, 3D Systems already has released an app similar to that we use with the Sense and iSense scanners.

True, we have to buy a new tablet; but, not only can we scan; but, we can install all the 3D applications we need to edit the scans and print them in one device.  While we will not actually be using scans in Moment of Inspiration, it's great that we can also use that application on these new tablets... giving us a very powerful 3D workflow.

My heart has been set on the Lenovo MIIX 700 with Real Sense for some time.  And, I wish I could write about our beginning to test Real Sense on the MIIX 700 platform.  Unfortunately for us, the MIIX 700 Real Sense versions will probably not appear until sometime in January.

The other option, which is available right now, is the HP Spectre X2 12-a001x,  It's available in 3 versions each with a different processor.  The one I will be testing is the Intel M3 version, the least powerful in the line.  It's actually pretty nice; but, lacks some features that make it my first choice.

We'll be testing it in the next few days.   If all goes well, we'll be using it heavily in YouthQuest's 3D ThinkLink Lab during our 3D Immersion classes in the first week of January.

The HP does not replace our desire to own the Lenovo for long term use.  For one thing, the Lenovo includes an HDMI interface and the HP does not.  And, there are some other reasons why it appears to be the best choice of the two.  But, timing is everything and the HP will give us an opportunity to check out Real Sense with both the 3D Systems app; but, also the ItSeez3D app.  I've loaded both and will be testing both.

Beware, the HP Active Stylus does NOT work with the X2.  So, don't bother buying it.  I'm trying to find out which "Wacom" compatible stylus does actually work.  Searching the support site and HP forums is no help at all.

Hopefully, in just a few days we'll have something to show.  In particular, I am anxious to try full body scans with the Intel R200 Real Sense camera.  It should be fun!


Best Buy offers a reduced price if you activate the build-in Verizon connection.  The activation is $40 and the monthly cost is around $35.  However, it took me more than FIVE hours to complete the transaction and it was NOT Best Buy's fault.  Verizon requires something called the "MEID" number and all that time was devoted to trying to found out from HP where that number could be found.  Usually, for phones it's on the box or on the back of the device and easy to find.  In the case of the Spectre X2 it is etched in very tiny text on the "kickstand" that is normally retracted into the screen!

There is no way to activate the device, to get the discount, without opening the product completely and removing the protective envelope.  That didn't affect me; but, if you want it for a gift that is not exactly a pleasant idea.  It will look like you are giving them an opened and used item.  Not good.  :(

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