Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did I Already Say that I Love Magic Glue?

If so, then this is the SECOND time you will here it.

Magic Glue comes with the Cube printer.  It is a bottle of some mysterious substance that you spread on the bed of the Cube before you print.  The bottle has a foam applicator that resembles that used with liquid shoe polish bottles.

The "Magic" that it performs is that it keeps the printed piece in place as the piece is printing and then allows you to releases the piece by dipping the bed into water after the print is done.  It is water soluble proprietary glue.  And, I love it.

It is what allows us to print many things without a raft.

It is what allows us not to break the piece taking it off the bed.

It is what allows us to not find a huge tangled wad of filament instead of a nicely printed object when we come back to check on the printer's progress.  (Yes, I know this because sometimes in my hast I forget to use Magic Glue!

I don't know who invented Magic Glue.  It may be someone that I have met at 3D Systems or it may be someone at one of the far-flung subsidiaries that I will never meet.

But, I SO greatly admire that person, whoever they are... and I am VERY, VERY appreciative of their absolute brilliance!

Let's hear it for the Glue Magician!

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