Monday, July 23, 2012

Organizing Your Cube Cartridges

Only those that have had to deal with the mess of reels of filament can fully appreciate the luxury of having a cartridge fed 3D printer.

It is the cartridge, more than any other feature, that makes the Cube suitable for living areas in homes and public areas in offices.  It take 3D printing from the world of the hobbyist and opens it up to the world of businesses and average consumers.

One of the first things that I did with another consumer product that I admire, the Keurig coffeemaker, was to buy a carousel to organize and present the coffee pods to guests.  I even travel with a Keurig Mini Plus and a bamboo coffee pod drawer system.  It definitely adds convenience and value to owning a Keurig.

It immediately struck me that, like Keurig K-Cups,  the Cube cartridges could be easily and conveniently organized with a simple rack.  So, I've designed one that can be printed with the Cube.

Cube Cartridge Rack & Filament Clip System

The Cube Cartridge Rack system is designed to hold 3 Cube cartridges and includes 3 clips to hold the ends of the filament neatly and safely.  It includes a slot to accommodate the retaining screw.  It makes swapping filament colors a snap.

Here is a video that show the rack holding 3 cartridges...

It's nice being able to augment and improve our Cube experience with items that we can either design or download and print ourselves. This one is particularly useful.  Like all my designs, the STL for the Cube Cartridge Rack w/clips can be downloaded from the store for the minimum cost permitted.

I do have to warn you that it is a 12 hour print job!  So, don't start it if storms are in the areas.  It would be REALLY annoying to get 10 hours into the job and have the electric go out!  (Can you hear experience talking?)

STL Download

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