Monday, September 3, 2012

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #7: Points & Axis

Planes, Axis and Points may not be part of a printed object.  But, they are the infrastructures that allow us to create those parts.  Everything we created in Cubify Invent has some relationship to a plane, axis or point.

Points are unique in that we can create them outside of any existing plane.  They can exist in space with no seeming connection to the other aspects of our drawing until we make a connection by using those points to create an axis or an entire new plane having no previously existing relationship with a previously existing plane.

In this tutorial, we examine some uses for points, axis created from two points and planes created from three independent points.

In the next tutorial, we use what we learn in this exercise to add new features to our airplane!  Things are beginning to shape up!

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