Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #12: Sweep Boss & Cut

We do a little bit differently in this tutorial.  We include a brief demonstration of how Moment of Inspiration (MOI) handles the SWEEP command before looking at Cubify Invent's SWEEP.   The difference is that MOI allows us to use TWO paths or RAILS along which to SWEEP our primary shape.  As of right now, Cubify Invent only permits us to use a single path or rail. 

But, as we shall see, while that presents some challenges, Invent's SWEEP still allows us to do amazing things.


I like the term that Moment of Inspiration's developers use when describing the path on which the primary sketch rides.  They call it a RAIL.  And, that is a great analogy.  SWEEP is just like a train traveling on a RAIL, following every curve and nuance of the rail as it moves from one point to another.

SWEEP starts with a sketch.  That sketch can be simple or complex.  But, in Cubify Invent, it must be a CLOSED drawing.  We demonstrate with a circle and a curved wall as out primary objects.  Think of SWEEP as an EXTRUSION that follows a path determined by an OPEN rail.

The Rail is a second SKETCH that is NOT an enclosed path.  This RAIL or PATH is used to guide an extrusion of the closed, primary sketch.  The SWEEP follows the basic rules or behavior of the EXTRUSION tool... except that it is rarely straight.  A sketch of two Circles, therefore, can become a curved pipe and that of a single circle becomes a curved, solid rod.

We don't have time to get into all the specifics of relating the RAIL to the CLOSED SKETCH in this tutorial.  We just cover the basics.  But, some very, very complex curves can be created under the SWEEP umbrella.  So, expect more explorations to follow.


Here is the video.  At just over 16 minutes, It's much longer than I usually prefer.  But, the subject matter is so rich that I hope it justifies the extra time spent viewing it.

The raw power of SWEEP to create more organic features makes it well worthwhile to explore in greater depth.  Plus, it's always surprising and fun to see a finished sweep for the first time.  So, rest assured that there is more to come regarding this wonderful tool!

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