Friday, October 12, 2012

Invent Intro #02 - 2D Circle Sketch & Make Dimension

Having a learning strategy is a tremendous help when facing having to learn a new application.  And, this is especially true with a 3D design application.  The basic strategy that will guide our introductory series of tutorials is to select a single 2D drawing shape and then explore the various 2D and 3D operations that modify or use that shape.  Then we move on to the other available shapes with a solid foundation from which to draw.


The basic design operation in Cubify Invent is to create a 2D object or objects in a 2D Sketch and then use that sketch to create a 3D object.  In keeping with our learning strategy we will begin with the most simple 2D shape that can be converted to 3D.  And, that is the circle.  The Circle is the basis for all that we cover in this tutorial.

LIMIT OPERATIONS - Dimension and Extrude

Just as the Circle is the most simple of the 2D drawing objects that can be converted to 3D, EXTRUSION is the simplest of the commands that turn the circle into a 3D object.  But, even this simple combination can surprise us.  Extruding a single circle yields a dramatically different 3D object than does extruding two or more concentric circles. 

Dimensions can be hard wired or based on equations that link two or more objects in a dependency.  Learning to use the Equation Editor early will save a LOT of time in future operations.

From this point on, for at least several more tutorials, we will explore a wide variety of operations that all begin with the 2D circle shape, either singly or multiples.

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