Monday, October 22, 2012

Invent Intro #03 - Cookie Cutter from Circles

We continue the Cubify Invent Introductory Tutorials by exploring how a single 2D shape can be used to create a Cookie Cutter.

The power of Cubify Invent lies in its ability to modify and extend 2D shapes into 3D objects.  In keeping with our own strategy of learning a new product by focusing on a single shape in order to experience with new commands that modify that shape, we use simple circles to create a complex object.  In this case, that object is a cookie cutter in the shape of a cartoon animal head.

In parallel with our Cubify Invent tutorials we are also creating Moment of Inspiration introductory tutorials.  It's helpful to see how various applications accomplish the same job.  So, here is the above task as it might be accomplished in Moment of Inspiration. 

The differences in approach are nuanced.  Both do the task extremely well with little real effort or frustration.  That is good news to all of us as we look for tools to create the objects we print with our Cube 3D printers.


  1. Great comparison!

    I already have Invent, and now I'm leaning towards getting MOI as well. I'll wait for another few comparisons first.

    Thanks again for doing all these videos, especially the comparisons. It's VERY useful to see different ways of achieving the same result, so I can find the program that just "feels right" to me.

  2. There is a bit of a dilema when comparing these two products. MOI is clearly easier to get to the point where complex shapes can be created. But, it is not scalable. It's created by a single individual so there is no upward path as far as I can see.

    Cubify Invent is worth learning if one wants scalability to a full scaled CAD environment. It's probably a better "career move", even if it might be a bit more difficult to do truly complex things.

    There is no "RIGHT" product. One has to weigh a bunch of criteria if they are forced to pick one. But, I have chosen TWO to get the best of both worlds and I don't find that it confuses me to do so.

    The secret is to not denigrate a product because it does not mimic another. Just go with the flow of whichever product you are using and make the most of it. :)