Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Gem from one of our YouTube Subscribers

I am very thankful and pleased to be able to say that each day brings more and more viewers that subscribe to my YouTube channel.   While there is generally no way to directly communicate with a subscriber, I at least try to check out the subscriber's own YouTube channel.

Most have not uploaded a video of their own.  Even so, it is interesting to see the other things that people are interested in that are also interested in 3D printing. 

But, sometimes, the new subscriber is an active upload contributor to YouTube.  And, that is the case for the notice that I just received a few minutes ago.  The subscriber's handle is COSservices.  And, I have to say that it was a special joy to visit their channel!

Here is a sample of the work by Australian Deborah Brearley... There is music. so if you at the office, you might want to lower the sound.  Otherwise, it's perfect music for a beautiful video.

Creativity is largely about being able SEE in ways that most cannot.  I will never see an egg as something boring and all too familar again!


I love creative people and if you want to meet some of the cream of that crop, all you have to do is blog about 3D printing!  :)

Please visit Deborah's web site and larn more about her and her work!

If she hasn't already, I hope that she becomes a 3D printer owner soon!  I want to see more of  her work!

Blogging is SUCH a cool experience!

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