Sunday, September 21, 2014

"We must be Getting Close"

I am amazed by many of our Cube owners and among the most amazing is Eric Albert of Renaissance Engineer.  Eric has the the tenacity of a bloodhound and the eyes of an eagle when it comes to discovering new developments on the Cubify site.

As far as I know he is ALWAYS the first to discover new uploads and is marvelous at analyzing issues related to the many 3D printers that he uses in his university lab. 

Since both of us have or use multiple Cube 3D printers, and expect to be early Cube 3 owners, we've had a lot in common as we wait for the first shipments of the Cube 3 printers to leave the factory.  One of those things is looking for clues that might portend that shipping is getting closer.

Of course, he is ALWAYS the first on the scene when new developments unfold.  I NEVER get there first.  RATS!!!!

Putting that grudge aside...

On September 11, he alerted me to the fact that the Cube 3 Client software was on the "Activate" page for the Cube 3 printer on  This morning he scooped me again by alerting me that the Cubify iPhone/iPad App was now available on the iTunes store.

Because both the Windows Cube client and the iPad/iPhone Cubify App require a Cube 3D Printer to fully do them justice, I'll refrain from actually reviewing them at this time.  But, I agree with Eric's assessment.  The fact that the software is now online, probably means that shipping is getting very close.

You'll hear more about Eric Albert and the work he does with teachers and young students in the near future.  In the meantime, thanks to him, I can report that the software is up and the Cube 3 printers are probably not too far behind.

Thanks Eric!

P.S.  While both Eric and I are longing to get our hands on the new Cube 3, we both agree that shipping before the machine is absolutely ready for prime time would be the worst scenario for Cube 3 owners.  We appreciate the patience and discipline that 3D Systems has shown in this regard.  Eric is especially familiar with the downside of premature shipping.  It would be well worth your time to visit Renaissance Engineer to check his experiences with the Cell-Robox and MakerBot Mini.



  1. Hi Tom ,

    The application is also available for Android at Google Play. I am very anxious to receive the CUBE3 printer.

    A greeting !!

  2. Nice find! Thanks!

    I'm anxious, too. But, the longer we wait the more I'm glad they waited. Obviously, there was a "Show Stopper" somewhere in all that new innovation in the Cube 3. The consensus among users emailing me is that it has to do with the totally new filament handling system. It's ALL new as far as I can tell. And, if there is one place that they have to get perfect it's filament handling. And. I'm sure they will. :)