Friday, April 17, 2015

1 Day, 70 students, 4 Cube 3s and Moment of Inspiration!

I have to admit, the challenge of introducing 3D design to 3 classes of students in a single day and delivering a 3D print of the student's design by the next day would have been more than a little daunting had it not been for my confidence in Moment of Inspiration and the Cube 3 printer.

Students are introduced to 3D design and printing in a workshop presented by YouthQuest at the National Society of Black Engineers Convention in Anaheim, California March 26, 2015

On March 26th I had the privilege to be able to introduce 3D design to 70 students at the Annual National Society of Black Engineers Convention in Anaheim, California.

Were it not for the ease of use of Moment of Inspiration and the four Cube 3 printers that performed flawlessly, we could not have pulled this event off successfully.   We hope to be at next year's convention in Boston and TRIPLE the number of student's having a 3D design and printing experience. 

For a more complete story, visit the YouthQuest web site.

It is very important to stress that while we walked the student's through the process of creating a 3D object, and printed it for them, that was NOT the primary goal of our sessions.  We see 3D design and printing as an OPPORTUNITY to learn that (1) failure is not final and (2) we now have the means. as no other generation, to turn our abstract ideas into concrete reality.   Based on the feedback from the event's organizers, that message was successfully delivered.

Since most of the student's had downloaded the Moment of Inspiration trial onto their own computers, we hope they continued to explore when they returned home.

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